Audio Forensics Training Class in New York

Wed, 05/12/2010 - 12:00am

Tracer Technologies will hold its popular Audio Forensics training class in West Chester, New York, June 22-24. Trainees will be expected to bring their own laptop, headphones, and any files they would like to share with the class. This is a great opportunity to sample the various methods other Forensics professionals use to solve difficult issues. This is also one of the portions of the training that folks most often mention as their favorite because it highlights real world solutions to the problems investigators face each and every day.

This training course has spanned many years and trained hundreds of law enforcement officials, private experts, and a large contingent of International Forensics specialists as well. It is an intense 3 day course. Most attendees have been forensic audio professionals—either in Law Enforcement or private experts—but anyone with a desire to learn more about DC Live is welcome.
The training is intensive with an intro to audio, filtering, enhancement, and even recording and handling of information. The general emphasis is on speech recordings in the forensic arena. Each day of the three days is spent in lecture sessions, lab sessions, and sprinkled with lively freeform discussions.
The training uses DC Live intensively with dozens of example wave files. Each student cleans and enhances files and may be asked to share their work with the class. Students may bring their own files and share them with the class as time permits.
At the end of the class, each student receives a certificate of completion and they are allowed to take all their course materials and sample files.
The training class is $899 for the full three day session. Returning Forensic training course veterans can attend for only $599. More information at

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