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How Host-Based Forensics Told the Whole Story: Criminal Investigation of a DDoS Attack

October 24, 2014 8:10 am Webinars

This webcast will walk through the details of a real-life Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, where Internet evidence recovered during the investigation was vital to the outcome of the case.

Today we’ll discuss the challenges of testifying as an expert witness. As you work a case you must assume that you will be called to testify at trial.

Talk Forensics - Expert Witness Testimony

July 28, 2014 8:33 am Videos Comments

Today we’ll discuss the challenges of testifying as an expert witness. As you work a case you must assume that you will be called to testify at trial.                             


Talk Forensics - Investigations in the Cloud

July 14, 2014 8:56 am Videos Comments

The software and data for cloud applications are stored on servers owned by a third party and not local to the user. As such, they are not under the end user's control—a key requirement in traditional network forensics, where the examiner has either physical control over the network, or can take control by installing a piece of code on the computer to be examined.


The Time, Man-Power and Logistical Solution to a Mobile Forensic World

June 18, 2014 6:20 am Webinars

When it comes to today's big data world, we know there are not enough examiners, security analysts and IT professionals that can manage the onslaught of data from mobile devices. Every company now deals with BYOD (Bring your Own Device), company issued devices or in some instances even both. 


Talk Forensics - Beyond the Tools

June 2, 2014 8:30 am Videos Comments

Today we’ll be discussing what to do when conventional mobile device extraction tools are unable to extract the evidence you need. When a smartphone is locked, broken, or unsupported by forensic tools, Flasher box, JTAG, or chip-off extraction methods become necessary. 


Talk Forensics - Validating Your Tools

May 16, 2014 4:29 pm Videos Comments

This edition will look at forensic tool validation. Myriad tools exist for the examination of digital evidence. These tools automate many of the tedious forensic processes and allow you to perform investigations more efficiently, but it is important that you not take these tools for granted.


2014 Cyber Shield Exercise Sharpens Guard Cyber Warriors

May 12, 2014 9:41 am | by Capt. Kyle Key Videos Comments

As new requirements emerge from the DoD for cyber defense, the National Guard is leaning forward to prepare the states' and territories' 54 Computer Network Defense Teams for real world attacks. Capt. Kyle Key reports from the 2014 Cyber Shield exercise at the Professional Education Center in North Little Rock, Ark.


Talk Forensics - Packaging Mobile Devices

May 5, 2014 8:18 am Videos Comments

Today we’ll be discussing the collection and packaging of cell phones and other mobile devices. Proper packaging is essential to preserve the sometimes volatile electronic evidence these devices contain.              


Talk Forensics - Warrants

April 21, 2014 8:19 am Videos Comments

In the first part of our Digital Evidence Series, we’ll be discussing Warrants as they apply to cell phones, computers, and other types of digital evidence. These types of evidence require a different set of procedures from those you are familiar with.


The Mobile Device in the Big Data World

March 26, 2014 2:15 pm Webinars

Big Data is the new norm in today’s world. It is extremely challenging to capture, store, analyze and visualize. Dealing with digital data coming from computers, servers and networks is challenging enough without introducing data from mobile devices. In today's landscape, if you are not already dealing with data from mobile devices, especially smart mobile devices, you are missing much of this "Big Data picture". 


Ditto Forensic FieldStation Overview

February 10, 2014 10:01 am | by James Wiebe Videos Comments

The CRU Ditto Forensic FieldStation combines special-purpose computing hardware, capable of fast analysis, and carefully selected duplication of attached hard drive data. It has all of the classic characteristics required for forensic investigations and IT personnel.


Stealing Money from ATMs with Malware

January 7, 2014 4:03 pm | by Help Net Security Videos Comments

This talk from the 30th Chaos Communication Congress will discuss a case in which criminals compromised and robbed an ATM by infecting it with specially crafted malware. The successful compromise of an ATM can easily result in the loss of several hundred thousand dollars.


Unboxing Digital Forensics Equipment with Google Glass

September 10, 2013 12:08 pm | by UNH Cyber Forensics Videos Comments

University of New Haven Cyber Forensics decided to unbox some expensive digital forensics equipment and record it with Google Glass and a Geo Pro. Everyone has watched unboxing videos - but we have never seen someone unbox digital forensics equipment! Enjoy the write-blockers, forensic duplicators/wipers and the beast F.R.E.D.

The Role of a Computer Forensic Expert From Retention Through Trial

July 2, 2013 6:44 am Webinars

This presentation covers the attorney's expectations from case inception through trial. Learn how to work effectively with attorneys; how to educate them as needed; and how to perform your function during your investigation, at deposition and at trial.


What Makes a Credible Witness?

July 2, 2013 6:42 am Webinars

This presentation will look at some of the factors that affect the credibility of a witness, how experts can enhance their credibility, ways to evaluate credibility as a witness, and will discuss some common scenarios in which expert credibility may be challenged.



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